"I had profound changes in my mindset that altered my decision-making in business. I learned how I do money is how I do everything! This permeated every portion of my life. I took better control of my "money" allowing me to take control of my life.

I embraced that I made money and not that money made me. It's honorable to be a strong authentic woman who can take care of my loved ones in other ways than financially. I LOVED my money therapy!

Three strategies and tools I learned that could potentially make the biggest difference in my business and revenues were removing my money clutter, knowing that I need to have as income for a thriving business and setting standards for my business and the type of clients I wanted to bring on board."

Barbi Walters
The Lynden Lane Co

"Marla has played a key role in transforming my business.

Not only is she an incredible person, she is brilliant, she cares deeply about all of her clients and once I began working with her, I was kicking myself for not having started sooner. It has been the single smartest business investment I have made this year.

The golden nuggets I have received so far from her (and I am only in two months of a six month program), the savvy business direction with mindset principles to uplevel my branding, raise my standards, who I market to, and how I serve my high level clientele have been so far reaching."

Richard Martinez
Owner/Founder Luxury Entertainment Group

"After 5 years of having my own business I was feeling discouraged and a bit stuck. I was having a hard time booking the clients that I really desired and found that I was constantly giving deals just to get work.

My business decisions were based on fear of not having enough money or work. When a good friend of mine (also a photographer) told me about Marla and her coaching services - at first, I was a bit skeptical because I never thought I would need help running my company.

After our first phone call, I knew that she was exactly what I needed to get me to the next level.

Half way through the program I am already reaching and booking my dream couples and went from having only 2 weddings to 10 weddings in three weeks. Marla gave me the tools and direction that I needed to overcome my issues with money and confidence.

It was hard for me to admit that I don't know how to do it all and even harder for me to accept that I needed a little help. Her expertise is invaluable and I look forward to seeing what the future holds for Jillian Rose Photography!"

Jillian Rose Kling
Jillian Rose Photography

"My attitude around money was the biggest change with Marla's mentoring. It's been a change that has taken time and dedication, but I have the tools now that give me the confidence to know that I am going in the right direction.

My relationship with money prior to doing Marla's program was not healthy at all. There was a lot of avoidance and fear around it. Bills were being paid late and debt was becoming a natural part of life.

Having the proper tools and guidance when you are making a change is huge. The tools given to you in Marla's program are real, not just fancy words and good ideas. They are real and tangible tools that just make sense and become a natural part of your life."

Naomi McCullough, Floral Designer
Beautiful Savage Flowers

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

I gotta be honest - when I first met Marla, I was very skeptical when she told me my problems were 80% about my mindset and my relationship with money. But, she had some great things to say that really got me thinking, "This is do or die - this is going to be my last effort to make my photography business a success." Yup, I was that low when I connected with Marla.

You can see Marla had her work cut out for her, being the stubborn bullheaded type A personality that I am. But she did it, she helped me change my mindset and, today, I couldn't be happier and my business continues to grow and be successful.

Best decision I ever made!

It wasn't easy. I struggled - A LOT - but Marla dished out some touch love, I rolled up my sleeves and got my butt busy shifting my mindset about money. I learned my relationship with money affects my relationship with everything. Who know they are all so related?

I'll never forget that first sales meeting after creating and refining my sales system with Marla. It was the first meeting where I was not only comfortable talking about money, but I didn't hesitate! I was confident and I booked!

Marla helped me to see it was my mindset and relationship with money that was the roadblock in addition to tweaking my sales funnel strategy. Half way through my program with her, I had my biggest sales month EVER - by about 3x - and guess what? I did it again the next month! I couldn't believe it! I made more in that one month than I had made in the previous quarter, and I did it 2 months in a row!"

Krista Mason

"In the year that I have known and been working with Marla, so much has shifted in my life. I have taken a stance in my business and have been brave enough to hold myself accountable rather than hide behind the unknown, which I had been doing in the past.

Due to my conditioning with money, I had never really taken myself seriously as a business owner. I'm now in my eighth year as a wedding photographer, and I'm finally stepping into my power as an expert.

I have learned that in order to move forward, I need to look back at the decisions and patterns I've developed and address them. While working with Marla, we not only acknowledged and addressed the issues and shame that accompanied it, but worked through those fears.

I am now more confident in my sales techniques for my services and respectful of my own time and energy that I am giving to my clients. I'm excited to further implement Marla's tools in my business and continue to grow and build my various streams of income!"

Molly Hauge
Molly + Co.

"During the first month of coaching I landed the highest paying client in the history of my business. Marla's program has given me the confidence and tools to design my business accordingly to my lifestyle and goals rather than building my lifestyle around my business.

I changed my money relationship. In simple terms I used to avoid money all together. I now keep track of all sales and expenses and look at my numbers daily. I also increased my credit score by 30 points in only a couple months!"

Jennifer Sanchez
Social Savvy

"Prior to the Money Mindset Business Breakthrough Program, I was feeling stuck in my business and lacked confidence in my abilities and myself.

I was playing it safe and doing what I knew I could do easily. I wanted to build my self-confidence and do what I love and not just what I was good at. I wanted more for my brand and myself.

I started my business to create unforgettable weddings for couples and build lifelong relationships with them, but I was finding that there was a disconnect between what I wanted and what I was actually doing. I was booking clients to fill up my calendar, no matter what discounts I had to give or package I sold (mostly the bare minimum).

I was finding myself feeling unfulfilled. I wanted more. A friend of mine invited me to one of Marla's workshops and I said I'd go, not really knowing what to expect. Within the first hour, I had a huge breakthrough moment and even wrote in my notes "hire her". I was so inspired by Marla and couldn't wait to learn more in her 90-day program.

I am happy to report after only a month of mentoring I now really BELIEVE in myself and my abilities to produce amazing weddings for clients who truly value having a wedding planner. I am creating boundaries with my business and personal life so I take care of myself and others in a health way. I am ridding my surroundings of negativity and creating an uplifting environment that makes me excited and happy to wake up int eh morning and get the day started.

I am so incredibly grateful for the lessons that Marla has taught me. It takes a lot of work and persistence to change, but it is beyond worth it. Thank you so much for your guidance and support through my journey to becoming the best version of myself."

Aimee Takumi
Wedding & Event Planner

"My money relationship prior to Marla's mentoring was always in a state of lack and avoidance never really knowing what was coming in or going out.

I now look at my money every day to understand how I can grow it and nurture it. Very grateful!

I turned around a slow cash flow month in less than 2 weeks by using Marla's sales systems and strategies making that my biggest revenues to date in less than a month!

The top three strategies I learned from Marla's program that can potentially make the biggest difference in my business and revenues were: (1) Learning to leverage my time and do my highest pay off activities; (2) Building systems to make sure my business runs smoothly and (3) A.D.D. -- Automate, Delegate, or Delete!!"

Leslie Armendariz
Rebelle Fleurs Event Design

"I wanted to thank you for everything you've done for me.

I feel good about myself. I feel respected, strong, brave and appreciated. My marriage is better than ever. I feel more rested. I'm organizing things with work and my life. I seriously think you are amazing and I feel very lucky to have you in my life." xo

Money Mindset Business Breakthrough Group Program client,
Valerie Gordon
Wedding Planner and Designer