Their stories will inspire, ignite and energize you.

I’m so pleased to introduce to you these courageous creatives. You will have the opportunity to hear their stories live in-person on March 22 during the panel discussion. These entrepreneurs took the leap of faith to explore their challenges during my mentoring program in order to move to their next level of success. Below are their bios.

Special video: Take a peek at last workshop's VIP panel discussion from September 28th, 2016. You will find a compilation behind-the-scenes perspective of the workshop and highlights of their creative entrepreneurial journey.

Videography: Kalet Productions


Kaysha Weiner

Photography is how I connect with the world, and the incredible people who cross my path. This hunk of metal and plastic has opened so many doors, inspired new adventures, and forced me out of my comfort zone (in the best possible way). With the endless patience and support of my husband, John, "office assistant" Enzo, and family and friends who always keep me laughing, I can honestly say I'm living my dream.

I create vibrant wedding and lifestyle photography for people who are passionate about life, and each other. Imagine the best kind of relationship - you, me, a camera and all of the inside jokes, stolen glances, and open hearts that come with a day spent in the company of friends.

Carissa Woo

I love to create vibrant and romantic imagery.

Since elementary school, I was always the girls with the camera: dressing up with my friends or making everyone take a group photo at every event. I have tons of scrapbooks from each year full of hilarious memories that I cherish.

After achieving my degree in economics from University of CA Riverside, I landed a job at an online agency but as fate would have it - I was completely unsatisfied in the corporate world. So I quite and hit the ground running with my wedding photography! I had found my passion and it continues to grow each and every day.

Since 2009, I have shot 200 weddings. Wedding photography has taken me around the world to Paris, Hawaii, Thailand, Chicago, Taiwan and New York. I get to be 100% creative in not just my work but also how I live my life. I have the space and freedom to let creativity and beauty come through each and every day.


Robert Hilo

Back in my younger days, I couldn't wait for our school dances. I was amazed how one song could change the entire scene. First, (as we all experienced) the boys and girls were separated on opposite sides of the gym. They would be giggling, whispering and clowning around. That "ONE SONG" would hit their eardrums while the lights brightened their gaze. Instantly, the beats lifted their spirits, heads rolled back and forth as hands flew up in the air. No more whispers but "TOP OF YOUR LUNGS" shouting of song verses and party anthems. We've all had those moments when the perfect song played at the right time. That ONE moment, we got lost in the melody.

Instantly changing a melody into a memory. That's what I love. That's what I do.

Jessica Mendivil

After two years since starting my event planning and design company, I chose a much needed European vacation in 2016 to serve many purposes. It was weeks of cultured inspiration on the Spanish and French coasts that brought a great deal of clarity. Purposeful living and events became my new passion.

Mendivil Events is on its way to evolving and taking on more loving and purposeful events. I'm in discovery mode with a ton of ideas and creativity at work. We can't wait to show you how interactive and purposeful events can help heal and bring the community together.

Leslie Armendariz

Leslie has been in the Floral Industry since 2006. Her own wedding inspired her to attend and graduate from The Southern California School of Floral Design. Several years of working for others led her to opening her own floral design company in 2008. Rebelle Fleurs business and vision was born.

Flowers and Décor are key elements in creating the proper atmosphere for a memorable event. Bohemian, Romantic, Lush, or Organic? Leslie and her team's creativity knows no limits.

They collaborate to create an environment that is unique as their clients infusing inspiration in every event. They're passionate about weddings. The creation of a new life and family is something beautiful and they treat each event as if it were their own.