Laura Weintraub

The soon to be launched Weintraub Collection is a collaboration of special event services creatively serving couples in their late twenties to late fifties celebrating their first or second marriage.

The Weintraub Collection is a compilation of over 25 years of artistry serving couples in love. Founders, Laura and Jim Weintraub, followed their hearts to build a brand based on their passion for love, marriage and family values.

In the early nineties, the Weintraubs followed their dreams, while raising their two sons, to launch their first romance business, Weddings by Weintraub, featuring Jim and Laura's photography talents.

By the mid-nineties, Laura ignited another one of her passions to launch her first makeup business called Airbrush Makeup Design which later became Classy and Chic Makeup Boutique offering professional beauty services to their already booming photography business.

Just like their love has been a match made in heaven, their business followed suit and together they have served over 2,500 couples for three decades providing photography and beauty services to an elite clientele.

Their most recent venture is Our Time Events provides event services for older couples celebrating a second chance at love. There's no better match than The Weintraub Collection to help make your dreams come true!

Make this time, YOUR time to CELEBRATE!!



A Boutique collection of special event services for unique niche markets and couples in love!