Creatives...isn't it time you stop caving into discounts and stand for your worth and dignity by committing to your real rates and actually getting them?

On March 22 you and your colleagues will learn the path to least resistance by increasing your earning power through changing how you are in relationship with money.

Yes. Changing how you are in relationship with money. I know it sounds maybe odd.

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Hi, I'm Marla Diann, mentor to creative women business owners. Over the years, I had found in my own life as well as most women entrepreneurs' lives that they were not taught or reared in childhood to be powerful with money.

No fault of anyone's.

When explored, our relationship with money is often dictated by doubt, fear, lack, guilt, worry and disrespect.

Again, no fault of your own.

The truth is...thousands of smart, savvy women tend to have an adversarial and disconnected relationship with money. They are not even conscious of it or better yet, even know they have a choice to change it.

The workshop will reveal the solution to this dilemma.

As a business owner, you have the ability to align an upgraded self-worth with healthy decisions and actions so you create a fulfilling, dignified relationship with money.

As a result, you and your business will thrive.

I have seen clients for 9 years increase their self-worth, dignity, confidence, revenues and even credit scores due to upgrading their relationship with money.

During ILLUMINATE: A Money Mindset Business Breakthrough Workshop we will explore the common challenges entrepreneurs experience while running their business and attempting to build their revenues and profits.


 Photo Credit: Christian Kaysen Floral: Beautiful Savage Flowers

Photo Credit: Christian Kaysen
Floral: Beautiful Savage Flowers


We tend to:

  • Be in judgement about money (we may ignore the blessings and tend to feel the shame, guilt, frustration, and low self-worth)
  • Ignore money (fear of knowing revenues and expenses)
  • Not take care of money (ignore bank statements and P&L statements)
  • Be in fear of money (not relate to the power of wealth)
  • Disrespect money (have an issue with paying bills?)
  • Speak negatively to ourselves and others about money most of the time
 Photo Credit: Kaysha Weiner Photography Floral: Beautiful Savage Flowers

Photo Credit: Kaysha Weiner Photography
Floral: Beautiful Savage Flowers


rather than:

  • Nurture it (knowing what is coming and going in our business)
  • Respect it (setting boundaries with money conversations)
  • Speak in gratitude about it (daily)
  • Bless it (daily)
  • Take care of it by staying in relationship with your numbers
  • Behave courageously (speak your truth with what you are worth rather than what you think you can get)
  • Be powerful (confident) with money management and your worth

The "rather than" column on the right reads more like a relationship with a person we care about, doesn't it? Nurture, pay attention, stay connected, bless, be courageous, speak your truth, etc.

Why should money be any different?


In the upcoming breakthrough workshop for creatives, I help women (and men) entrepreneurs identify and implement success habits that give a clear path to a higher, more consistent revenues and a respected brand without compromising your health, well-being, dignity, family or values.

The highlight of the evening is my featured panel of courageous, successful creative entrepreneur clients who will share their behind the scenes, vulnerable stories of transformation. VERY INSPIRING.


May 2016 "Advancing Creatives to Higher Profits" workshop.
La Traviata, Long Beach, Ca
Event Planning: Hall Occasions, Angela Hall
Photo Credits: Chloe Atnip Photography


What you will learn at the workshop:

  • Why true success is 80% mindset and only 20% mechanics
  • Learn THE essential strategy you must use daily to create the results you want while living a drama-free business and life.
  • Discover why developing a healthy relationship with money is so vital to your well-being, confidence and higher revenues.
  • Learn how to eliminate a hidden prosperity block using the law of giving and receiving in your business.
  • How to move from fear and worry about money to trust and faith all in a matter of minutes.
  • How to apply my 5 Essential Strategies to a Thriving Brand and Profitable Business.
  • What you must do to spend more time in your creativity (highest pay-off activity) and less in all the heavy lifting and stifling details of running your business.
  • Discover your genius zone and why this must-have strategy sets you up for a thriving brand and profitable business with heart and soul.